Opportunity! I was born and raised in Orange County, CA. My husband, Ivan Sewell, was born and raised in Desert Hot Springs. After graduating from DHSHS in 2005, he went to Orange County with a few friends to attend college. Ivan and I met in 2008 while working together in a restaurant in Downtown Disney. Ivan graduated college in 2010, around the time we started dating. In 2012 we started our own business and got married. In 2014 we found ourselves renting a two bedroom apartment, in a not so good neighborhood in Anaheim, for $1,500 per month. I was a few months away from college graduation and we knew we had to make some major adjustments. Ivan’s mother and grandfather were still living in Desert Hot Springs. They invited us home. Ivan’s grandfather provided us with an office space on Palm Drive and Ivan’s mom let us live in her home until we could save enough money to buy something of our own. January 2015 we became full time residents in Desert Hot Springs. The opportunities that were given to us brought us here and the opportunities that we made for ourselves, have kept us here. Finally, in September 2016 Ivan and I bought our first home.