Windmill Market… DHS Loves You!

Windmill Market
Home of the Best Date Shakes in the Valley!
Established in 2003, Windmill Market has been a staple for tourists and local residents for nearly 16 years. Known for having the “best date shakes in the valley”, the establishment has transformed far beyond a place to retrieve a refreshing drink. It is now an iconic eatery for us, a true neighborhood treasure.
What Began as A Fruit Stand…..
Meet Lee Cohen, the man behind the market. In speaking with him, I discovered that not only is he the primary chef, but the meals are mad fresh daily.
Did I eat? Of course I did (you don’t get to be my size without hard work and dedication), but one thing I noticed was the flavor in the chicken fettuccini alfredo. I was amazed at the fullness of various seasonings, and to be honest, I quickly realized that Windmill Market has been seriously underrated.
Lee revealed to me that he was an understudy to his mother, who was an accomplished chef herself with a published cookbook. He says, “I started cooking because although I loved my mother’s food, I always felt that it needed more seasoning.”
(pictured above- one of the many niche items in stock daily.
In April of 2003, he purchased the lot and began as a produce stand. Legend has it that while he  prepared food for himself, people would take a break from shopping produce and say, “Hey while you’re at it, make a taco for me!”
Always aiming to satisfy the customer, Lee started preparing and selling sandwiches, which led to daily specials and beyond. He now has a weekly menu full of daily specials that include items such as beef stroganoff, grilled chicken salads, tacos (I may have eaten a few), and more. EVERYTHING is awesome!
This cozy outdoor seating section has become a fan favorite.
In addition, the fresh cooked meals are designed for family dinner. Because of his location being in a high traffic area, many patrons will stop in after work and grab the daily special, a box that will feed a family of four at a really affordable price. However the true beauty in all of this is that Lee has a huge heart. Many can attest to the fact that he generously gives to families who are in need of home cooked meals within our community.
Let’s not forget that it’s also a market! Once you enter, you’ll notice completely stocked shelves full of essentials and more. Everything from breakfast cereals to hygiene products, and snacks. The freezer section holds milk, juices, and cold cuts. He even boasts several niche items as well, such as beef jerky and custom sodas… and fresh dates (this place is simply amazing).
(From fresh date shakes, to rare soft drinks, Windmill has you covered)
Although his business is heavily supported by the tourism industry, he is thrilled that DHS has embraced him. During tourism season (winter months), Windmill Market will receive 4-6 tour buses a day averaging 30 patrons. While that is impressive on its own, he is even more appreciative for the people of DHS who pour through the doors year round supporting his business. He said, “I love that we have a good reputation in DHS and that the people keep returning to support us.”
He believes in the small business culture here in Desert Hot Springs. “There’s room for all of us here [to grow] in DHS, I believe in supporting everyone.” He continued, “I love DHS. The mountain views are amazing! They’re not in your face so if you sit back, you can see the entire view… easily the best views in the desert. The people are super friendly, honest, and respectful… we’re all here to have fun!”
Thank you Lee for doing your part to advance DHS!
Hungry? Want to try a date shake? Head down to see Lee at Windmill Market and tell him Advancing DHS sent you!! The address is 17080 N Indian Canyon Dr. You just may see me there with a few tacos in hand!
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