Vasti Gabriela

A Reigning Beauty Queen Destined for the BIG Stage, Right Here in DHS!!!
Vasti Gabriella is on the fast track to the big stage. I have personally witnessed her hard work and dedication to her fitness goals, and we should celebrate the fact that she is a part of our city! Not only is she a pageant/fitness competitor, but she is also humanitarian. She is an inspiration to many youth (and adults) within our city, and we are excited about her future.
You are a beauty pageant competitor, tell us about some of your amazing experiences!
“Growing up, I have always loved competing. Whether it was sports, dance, music, or academics, I enjoyed the friendly atmosphere that came with being around like minded individuals. So it was only natural that I continued my love for it as an adult. My mother taught me to push myself and to never stay comfortable. I wanted to take my fitness to the next level and at the age of 21 I was introduced to the coach that would prep me for my first NPC Bikini Competitions. He put me on a very strict diet where I ate 5-6 times a day, and worked out three times a day, 6-7 days a week. All while working 2-3 jobs to help my mother. I showed up to my first competition as a rookie and took home the Championship in the novice category against women who had been competing for years, qualifying for nationals. To give my body a much needed break from the vigorous routine that I loved so much, I decided to compete again. I joined a beauty pageant and became the reigning Miss Ventura County USA and went on to compete at the Miss California USA as Miss Desert Hot Springs USA.”
She is a a True Hometown Hero with a Story of Perseverance…
“When I moved out here I became very depressed and suicidal. I suffered from PTSD and was bullied in the school. I stopped showing up to my classes and received a transcript with straight F’s. I couldn’t tell my siblings to get good grades if I didn’t have them, so I enrolled myself into the Continuation school the next year. They bullied me there too, so I enrolled into Independent Studies and graduated on time at the top of the school. Then my counselor signed me up for college (because I didn’t know how to) and I went on to become a 4.0 College Student! (P.S. my little sisters are honors students in DHSHS. One of my sisters in the varsity cheer captain, is in the PSA program, and holds a 4.2 GPA).”
She informed me that she competed against 250 women at her first bikini competition!
“I have worked with the Big Brothers Big & Sisters Program and the Boys and Girls Club as well. I have a passion for mentoring youth. I’ve partnered with The Paradise Cove Cafe in Palm Desert to create a charity called “Koins for Kindness”. [Our goal is to] help benefit the at risk youth of the Coachella Valley. Anything that I do, I do with the understanding that I am being watched at all times and people are looking up to me. I come from a big family with 8 siblings, so I strive to be the best role model for my family. I vowed to never smoke and never drink so that my little sisters can see that it is possible to have fun without it. I think that for DHS this means that we will see a brighter future. It takes one person to begin the change.”
What’s on the Horizon?
“My future goals are to volunteer more time to my community but also to graduate college and move onto university. I am currently a 4.0 college student. I have decided to give myself a few weeks to rest my mind and body and allow God to lead me into my next journey. I have a feeling I will be doing another fitness competition soon. As of my hobbies, I do plan to move to LA soon to continue acting. My overall plan is to grow closer to God and lead a worship team to serve Him.”
Why Do YOU Love DHS?
“When I moved to DHS from the Bay Area, I did not like it. I was 17 years old and it was a culture shock for me. It eventually grew on me and soon learned to love it. I used to visit DHS when I was in elementary school and remember recognizing it’s growth. Every year there were new buildings and stores. Every year I had to relearn the city. DHS has become a big city and we are improving everyday, maybe with growing pains, but we have never been stagnant.”
From our High School Athletics (we have boys and girls varsity soccer competing in southern section CIF play), to our Jr. All American Football (Super Bowl Champs), to those that excel academically, we celebrate our youth! Vasti, thank you for your time, thank you for setting the bar for the youth that are watching, and thank you for Advancing DHS!

The mission of Advancing DHS is to highlight the many wonderful things about our city in order to help others realize what a gem this community is. Our mission is to create a more positive perception of DHS here at home and throughout the Coachella Valley. As the Community Champion, I endeavor to get the word out about all of the wonderful things we have going on here in the city. Have suggestions? Email us:

Because we are a nonprofit 501c3, these efforts are made possible by the generous donations of those that believe in our city! Contact us today to become a partner!

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