Cabot Yerxa Elementary!!!!!

Meet Amber Gascoigne, Principal
Rotary Big Hearts Principal of the Year

“I love DHS because we are a community working hard to do better for our youth. I’d always “heard” about DHS and was terrified when I came to work up here. The truth is the families and community members are some of the kindest and most giving people I’ve ever met. The amount of community involvement I’ve witnessed in DHS is outstanding. Very rarely do you see organizations that are willing to help out everyone in the community. Mostly businesses will work with a school. Not here. Everyone is here for all, even when they don’t have students attending our schools. I appreciate that those I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with share in my philosophy that our kids can and our kids will. Your location should determine your future and I feel DHS is breaking down that barrier.” -Principal Gascoigne

What does it mean to be ‘Principal of the Year?

“I am honored to recognized as the Principal of the Year, but I feel it should be given to Cabot as staff of the year. They allow me to be successful at my job and truly make coming to work a wonderful experience. It is a privilege to have members of the community recognize the hard work that we are putting in to helping our students be successful. To be the principal of the year, I feel others are recognizing our accomplishments, both big and small, which really makes me happy. I am surrounded by incredible people: staff, teachers, students, families. It is hard to put into words the honor I feel by being recognized and given the opportunity each and every to work in an incredible place.”

At the awards ceremony, I heard you mention how special Cabot is during your acceptance speech. In your opinion, what makes it so special?

“The people at Cabot make this such an extraordinary school. Again, the families and staff are just so supportive. I’ve had the privilege of developing a cohesive staff that calls one another family. We are able to socialize at school and outside. These are people I couldn’t imagine life without. Having been at other schools, I feel the passion to provide nothing more than the best to all of our students is unique at Cabot. Any member of our Cabot community would step up to the plate, regardless of who needs help or what needs to be done. It truly is more than a team, but a family.”

“I love DHS, period! I love these resilient, positive people. From little ones to the elders in the community, everyone plays a part. The businesses in the city have reached out to support us and we try to give back to them by way of business at all times. The city has continued to prove how a community can come together to do better, to acknowledge the great things that are happening here. Slow and steady wins the race! Jody Diaz, VP

“I planned the family fitness night to bring families into the school for a positive experience. We want the parents and families to feel welcome at the school, to build better relationships, and have fun. What better way to do that than to play, exercise, have fun, listen to good music and share each others’ company. I also wanted to bring the community resources to the parents. They might not realize or know what all is out there. Also, I was looking for community organizations to build connections with each other.”

Diaz continued, “Cabot Yerxa is such a special place that is near and dear to my heart. It starts with the dedicated, loving and supportive staff. We have built a family within this school, that extends well beyond the Cabot walls. That foundation is spread every day to our students. Our kids and our families are amazing and are always looking to see what the y can do to become better, in school and out. We not only want the best for them academically, but also socially, and emotionally. The staff goes above and beyond each and every day. GO TEAM ORANGE!!!”

What I love about Cabot Yerxa? THE ENERGY! I stopped by their Family Fitness Night earlier this week and I was met with a wave of positive energy from every staff member the moment I walked in the door. Family Fitness Night was organized by Vice Principal Jody Diaz and was full of non stop action! – Kephyan Sheppard

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