Danny Holt, “I Chose DHS!”

I really appreciate hearing from you! The response last week from our opening, “I Chose DHS” segment was so great that this week I have another one! A while back (In January), I was able to speak with Danny Holt, the accomplished classical musician who launched a series of classical music concerts here in DHS (Danny Holt January ). The buzz around the city concerning the concerts has been off the charts to say the least. While his musical resume is stellar and his ability is exceptional, I recently discovered that he lives here in the city!!! He is. gifted, world renown musician, and below are his thoughts, enjoy!!

What were the highlights of this year’s concert series?

Back in May we wrapped up our fifth season of Desert Hot Springs Classical Concerts. We saw audience numbers soar throughout the season, especially at January’s Afternoon Concert Crawl and the March concert that featured a spectacular cello quintet from Los Angeles. One of the highlights of the season for me was seeing the intense focus and engagement by Desert Hot Springs High School students at the concert we presented in the high school’s black box theater; and also hearing over 100 students at Cabot Yerxa Elementary School scream in delight at percussionist Cory Hills’ “Percussion Storytelling” concert. What a blast!

I have recently discovered that you live here! Out of all the places you could be, why did you choose DHS ?

“I first came to Desert Hot Springs ten years ago, and immediately fell in love with the area. Having grown up in Massachusetts and attended high school in Michigan, the desert landscape was totally unfamiliar to me–but I was immediately enthralled and quickly felt at home here. I love that it’s a place of extremes: so much sunshine, so much wind; hot and cold natural mineral water aquifers; the two tallest mountains in southern California and places in the valley that are below sea level. Just viscerally, it’s an exciting and interesting place to be!”

“After living in L.A. for a decade, I was definitely ready to leave the big city. I value the peace and quiet of living in the desert, and we’re so lucky here in Desert Hot Springs to have panoramic views of Mt. San Jacinto and the valley below, and the foothills above us. I can walk out my back yard and into the Sand to Snow National Monument–I love taking aimless, wandering walks there, exploring the canyons behind my neighborhood. Lately I’ve been visiting a family of burrowing owls that live around the corner. And I’m like a kid: totally delighted by the rabbits, quail, hummingbirds, and other wildlife in my yard. As a musician, I spend a lot of time inside, practicing piano. But my favorite parts of the day are when I can enjoy a leisurely breakfast out back and observe the wildlife; or go on a walk in the evening after a long day.”

“Living in Desert Hot Springs is perfect for me: I get to be surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty, enjoy blissful peace and quiet, and enjoy a slower pace than big city life. But when I need to travel to perform and teach, it’s not too difficult to drive into L.A. or catch a flight to anywhere I need to go. What a great balance! It’s been very rewarding to see how well the concert series has been received here, and I’m excited to be able to continue Desert Hot Springs Classical Concerts in 2020 and beyond.”

Thank you Danny! We are so honored to have you with us!

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