Saigo Iñiguez is Not Your Average 14 Year Old!

Good morning readers! This week I have quite the story for you! A story about a young man who chose DHS High after researching every high school n the west valley. This young man/s name is Saigo Iniguez. This week I was able to catch up with he and his mother Mika and let’s just say that they agree; DHS HIGH is the GREATEST High School in the Valley!!!!

Clearly a young man with a plan, his responses were inspiring even to me. When asked about his plans after High School, his answer was a first for me!“After I graduate from DHSHS, I plan to attend Oxford or Cambridge University in England to continue my studies in Engineering. However, his answer to why he chose DHSHS was even more inspiring. “I chose DHSHS because it was strongly recommended to me by my English Teacher, Mrs. Olver and her husband Mr. Olver who taught Math at DHSHS for 20+ years and who sadly for me, retired this year. Mr. Olver told me there was no other school for me to go to, period.”

Sidenote: Thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Oliver!

I then shifted to attention to his mother Mika. I asked her, “What have you learned about DHS HIGH that lets you know you made the right decision?” She was armed with a few reasons!

“I was a Realtor in DHS during the big housing boom in 2000-2007 and I know there are good and not so good areas in every city in this valley, so the location was never an issue. People were incredulous, but Saigo never wavered. He’s not the average 14-year-old. He’s an old soul, knows what he wants and what is the right fit for him.”

“Saigo wants to participate in certain activities. DHSHS has the best standing for all of them and if Mr. Olver said it is where he should go, then that is where he was going. The ROTC program was one of the factors.” According to the ROTC brochure:

The Marine cadets have won the “Superintendent’s Trophy” for Best JROTC Program within the school district for the last eight years. Headquarters Marine Corps has designated Desert Hot Springs as a “Naval Honor School” since 2011. This distinction is only awarded to the top 20% of Marine JROTC Programs nationwide on an annual basis – MCJROTC Brochure 2019

“Another big factor was the Music Department. Saigo is an accomplished vocalist. This year he participated in the McCallum Theatre Open Call Talent Project 2019 and walked away with both the Grand Prize Award and Audience Favorite Award. He was one of 18 finalists (total of 122 cast members) and performed in a professional theater audio/visual setting. All of the acts represented a diverse line-up of performers from every corner of the Coachella Valley and included vocalists, dancers and instrumentalists from ages 11-86.”

Finally Mika revealed, “Aside from the glowing recommendation from Mr. Olver, I sat next to a couple in a restaurant in Palm Springs and we started talking about the McCallum Theatre and my son and how he wanted to go to DHSHS. They said their very good friend who has appeared several times on Broadway is also a substitute Music Teacher here in the valley. He told them that DHSHS was by far the best school with the very best Music Department that he had taught at and wanted a full-time position there. Then, Mr. Bukraba, the Music Teacher at DHSHS gave us our tour of the school, showing us everything and introducing us to everyone. He left us saying, “I’ve been invited to teach at other schools, but I love it here. I’ve been here since the school opened and I would never leave! You can’t pay for better accolades.”

I present to you, Saigo Iniguez!

The future of DHS is bright thanks to young people like Saigo!

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