Happy Holidays!!!

“Awesome!”, “The best ever!”, “Thank you City of DHS!” These were a few of the comments from members of our community that attended our annual Holiday Parade. As you can see from the pictures, not only was the parade was a huge success, but it served as an opportunity to show all that we are a city on the move!!!….By the way, did I mention the In n Out truck!!??!

“This parade and festival are just what our city needs more of. The feeling of community was present”- Sheila Hardie

A very special thank you to all of our City Officials, Police and Fire teams, and volunteers for providing the best Holiday Parade ever!


A city as rich as ours doesn’t exist without the many contributions of great people. We are truly fortunate to have so many who generously pour from their hearts to make DHS the greatest city in the Coachella Valley. With his generous philanthropic heart, firm handshake, and brilliant mind, Richard Cromwell III is one of those people, a true DHS hero. One of the many organizations that he has made contributions to over the years is the Historical Society. When asked about the impact he has made, they submitted the following statement:

“The DHS Historical Society has profited from the professional talents of Richard Cromwell for over ten years. He has been a strong REPRESENTATIVE on our behalf at local and Coachella Valley organizations; PROMOTOR and SUPPORTER for all of our events; a major DONOR to assist in our achievements, including the restoration and refurbishing of the Historic Rock House as trustee of the Sharon Parkhouse Estate. He has maintained our Greater Coachella Valley Chamber of Commerce Membership. He has given us professional advice on general, procedural, and business matters, been MC and Chair at some Board Meetings and special committees as Vice President for over eight years. He has been our REPRESENTATIVE and LIAISON in other organizations, the city, and at the Desert Sun, to keep them informed of the Historical Society contributions to keep moving forward while preserving our past.”

Additionally, the Renaissance Group sent the following statement of appreciation, “We thank you, Richard Cromwell, for your major contribution to the success of the grant writing effort that resulted in $5,000,000 of grants flowing to the city starting in 2019. Over a three year period, you successfully coordinated, guided, expedited, and a few times brow beat, the various city departments, the Renaissance grant writer, and others (whatever and whomever it took), in order to get the multiple grants selected, completed correctly, and submitted on a timely basis. Without your constant effort, this process would not have been nearly as successful. Our main streets are being upgraded; more intersections are being protected with signal lights, new street lighting will increase nighttime visibility, new medians are being constructed, and bike lanes and new crosswalks are being added. Your efforts in the launch of the Renaissance Group, your services as Secretary and Member of the Board, your ongoing financial contributions to Renaissance Group were very helpful in carrying out the mission of the Renaissance Group, which was to fund a grant writer to get grants for the City of Desert Hot Springs. Thank you, Richard; your many contributions to the betterment of Desert Hot Springs are very much appreciated. Thank you for Advancing DHS!

Meet Joe Medina, owner of Vida Del Spa (the newest spa in our city). Joe has a passion for massage therapy and after spending a little time with him, I am convinced that his calm demeanor coupled with his expertise will provide customers with an exceptional experience. From Thai massages to facials and many additional services, Joe is in the process of building something exciting!!!

Upon entering the renovated office space, you will notice that there is a little construction taking place, but you can see the vision! A brief conversation with Joe will convince you that the finished product will be nothing short of spectacular. In fact, you’re instantly overwhelmed with peace and solitude from the moment you enter the spa. Make it a priority and do yourself a favor, stop by Vida Del Sol (66511 Pierson Blvd) and let Joe know that Advancing DHS sent you!

Although they are listed on our website, some of you may not know our Board of Directors. Our board consists of several members of our community and represents the diversity that we have here in our wonderful city. We desire for you to get to know our Board, so over the next several months you will get a chance to meet our Board members through our series of newsletters. This week, I am excited to present to some and introduce to others the latest addition to our Board, Estela Rojas. Estela is a long time resident of DHS and has served as a volunteer to many organizations here in the city. She is passionate about promoting the many positive things that our city has to offer and offers a unique perspective to our Board. Welcome Estela!

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