DHS Celebrates Dr. King!

He stood for equality, he marched for peace, he died sharing the vision of a day that he knew he would never see in his lifetime…Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a true hero. This weekend as hundreds of thousands of people marched and celebrated his legacy worldwide, you were able to catch a glimpse of the vision he saw some 50 years ago. People of all races and ethnic backgrounds, from all walks of life locked arms and sang joyously in memory of him and in honor of his life.

I am so proud of DHS! Like many across the globe, we marched, we sang, and we honored the life and legacy of Dr. King. In a short march organized by the Ministerial Alliance and led by Word of Life, we met at the DHS Police Station at 1pm. The media began assembling while the crowd grew. At 2pm Elder John Tinker opened the ceremony with a prayer of unity and peace. Our Chief of Police, Jim Hensen approached the microphone next, and although he is not a man known for public speaking, he delivered an amazingly thorough and moving tribute to Dr. King. Chief’s tribute led many in attendance to accept a challenge to carry on the vision and live “the dream”. Mayor Scott Matas then addressed the crowd and acknowledged our Council and varied City officials while expressing his appreciation for the event taking place. Finally, we were honored to have the choir from DHS High lead us in a stirring rendition of “We Shall Overcome”, as we locked arms and marched down Pierson. Follow this link to view march footage! MLK MARCH (https://www.facebook.com/562219888/posts/10157945052129889/?d=n)

A Perspective from one of our Teens….

Sariah Escotto, one of our High School seniors delivered a powerful tribute concerning Dr. King last weekend in Palm Desert. I am so appreciative that she was willing to share her speech with us, it is a strong reminder that Dr. King’s message lives!!!

“Every man lives in two realms: the internal and external. The internal is that realm of spiritual ends expressed in art, literature, morals, and religion. The external is that of complex devices, techniques, mechanisms, and instrumentals by means of which we live” – Dr. King

Enlightened words from the man who dedicated himself to educating his people on love peace and tranquility. Martin Luther King Jr. inspired many and still inspires today. This day is not the only day we should remember him and the path he paved for us. I am grateful to live in the time that I do. I can’t even imagine living during that time and having the composure that he had. This is a celebration of his life and accomplishments. Despite being arrested almost 30 times and facing police brutality, he kept the same agenda. He didn’t show anger and aggression, instead he showed love and peace. He once said, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate only love can do that.”

Dr King preached the way he lived, often times people tend to give advice but not live by it. He understood that in order to make an impact you have to be an example of what you want others to be and do. Like Martin Luther King Jr., we all have a dream. Whether it be worldwide peace or to become world famous, the dream is there! We have to ask ourselves, what are we willing to do to strive and reach those dreams? King lived his whole life advocating for the people who weren’t able to voice their dreams and opinions. He knew that most people were afraid of the outcome. He made sure they were heard. He dedicated his life to helping others and finding ways to improve the quality of living of his people. Celebrating him is also celebrating the accomplishments of so many great people after him. He started a trend for many people and led one of the greatest movements in our history. I’m forever grateful to learn of his ways and apply them to my everyday life. He was kind to everyone regardless of how they treated him. He was also continuously learning and trying to further his education. I aspire to do as many great things as he did. I want to be as kind hearted and loving. I’m going to strive for the things I love and am most concerned about as he did. She closed with, “If you can’t fly, then run. If you can’t run, then walk. If you can’t walk then crawl, but by all means keep moving!”

She concluded with more wise words from Dr. King, “Follow your dreams as he did and don’t give up!”

One of our Community Leaders Weighs In…

April Scott is the Customer Service Manager for Mission Springs Water District. She can often be found on social media answering questions and following up with concerns from the district’s customers and has become one of our unsung community leaders. When asked about Dr. King and how his legacy has impacted us today she replied, “Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s vision that we can live among each other in peace, that we are all equal is what impacted me the most throughout my life. Dr. King set the tone for changing the world through nonviolent protests, during a very violent time in our history. Growing up in the 80’s near Detroit, and still seeing the aftermath of the 1967 riots that destroyed portions of the beautiful city was a painful reminder of the power and pain caused by hate and intolerance. Dr. King’s movement of peace and equality is important to all people, the growth of all communities, including our beautiful Desert Hot Springs.”

Our Elks Have Done it Again!

A little while ago we featured our local Elks Lodge and their love for the community (Our Local Elks https: https://advancingdhs.com/2019/04/19/our-local-elks-lodge/) ;many don’t realize just how much they serve our City! Recently they hosted an event for our veterans here in DHS and I was able to speak with the Exalted Ruler Kathy Gavin to get a little information. According to her, the event provided information for benefits from the department of Veteran’s Affairs and provided help for veterans who are in need and/or homeless.

Funded by a grant from the Elks National Foundation, they were able to provide hygiene packs and hot meals over the course of their 2 day event and thanks to our own PT Eddie Johnson they were able to reach more veterans than in years passed. She added, “Desert Hot Springs Veterans are our passion. We wish to assist in any way we can. Elks have been around over 150 years and the Veterans are one of our priorities…. Wherever there are veterans, Elks will be there. ” She revealed that in the near future they will be applying for two grants for the upcoming year and will [continue to] provide services to all veterans. Finally, she added, “We work with DAV and VFW, as well as the American Legion.”

Thank you to our Elks for continuing to serve our Veterans!

Ophelia Project

A couple of weeks ago (https://advancingdhs.com/2020/01/04/the-ophelia-project/) we introduced you to the Ophelia Project, an amazing program for Middle and High School girls that will be launching soon in DHS ( Ophelia Article ). This flyer provides information for all who desire to learn more! Mark your calendars and RSVP for either February 4, 2020 at 6pm or February 8, 2020 at 11:30am. Both informational sessions will be held at 64565 Pierson Blvd.

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