Happy Holidays From Advancing DHS!!!

“The heart that gives thanks is a happy one, for we cannot feel thankful and unhappy at the same time.” Douglas Wood

As we prepare to enter the holiday season, we have plenty of reasons to be thankful. First and foremost, if you are reading this… you’re alive!!! Robert Louis Stevenson said, “The man who forgets to be thankful has fallen asleep in life.” With that being said, WAKE UP! Every holiday season our community is filled with huge hearts and an abundance of hands willing to serve the less fortunate. From Thanksgiving dinners to Toy Giveaways, DHS annually stands up!

Due to COVID 19 we are unable to have the annual Holiday Parade here in the city, but that has not stopped the Holiday Spirit. Meet the Klasen’s, a family that believes in the spirit of Christmas. Seeing an opportunity in the midst of a time of frustration, they have set out to ensure that hundreds of children would indeed have a Merry Christmas. They have donated toys to various families and organizations and have recently launched a Christmas Light Show in their front yard that is open to the public. The address: 9535 Del Ray Crt right here in DHS!

Season change, that’s a guarantee. For the last year and a half, I have had the honor of writing positive stories biweekly about our wonderful city. It truly has been a privilege; and trust me it hasn’t been hard. When you live in a city like this, good news is only a phone call, or even social media post away. We have huge, giving hearts in DHS. We have beautiful views, a ‘down home feel’, amazing schools and more. COVID 19 has in a sense pulled us all together to show the rest of the valley what community really means, and for that I am grateful.

This will be the last publication for a while. If you follow our Facebook page, you will be able to stay connected to us on social media. Allow me to say,”THANK YOU!” For the next several months, we will be attempting to navigate through this pandemic as best we can. I need us all to remember that in spite of our differences, we are ONE community, carefully knit together. Let’s remain considerate, respectful, generous, and loving. And of course, if you want to donate to Advancing DHS, just follow this link to our Donate Now, your donations will keep us going!

Let’s continue to ADVANCE DHS! #DHSstandUP

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